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MLS# 4727284 Great home in the exclusive Paine Heights area! This 4 bedroom, 3 bath, 2500 square foot Tudor home located on 0.396 of an acre with a 2 car garage offers a newly updated kitchen, updated bathrooms, new roof (2 years old), mostly new casement windows, new French doors, hardwood floors, and an open floor plan for great entertaining. There are two decks, a sprinkler system, a new hot water tank, cedar closet, and the yard is huge allowing for expansion if desired, perfect for entertaining and sports! Oh my! The taxes are currently being grieved too so what are you waiting for! Just 30 minutes to New York City. This delightful home is being offered at $785,000.

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My Neighborhood, 10804

Originally written in 2012…  it is still a great neighborhood!

As I was walking my little pooch at 6 am this morning, I started to reflect on the neighborhood, so quiet and tranquil at that time of day. How could I describe it? The street name is Paine Avenue, New Rochelle 10804… as Thomas Paine once (very briefly) lived here, and was given a cottage as a special thank you from the powers that be after 1776. We even have a Paine Lake.

I used to laugh as there was a time when 2 dentists and 2 endodontists lived on the street at the same time… dentist – “pain”. old joke I know but still humorous to me. There has been a judge who once resided on the street, attorneys galore, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, a past High School Principal, a sultry jazz singer and actor, a well known Speech Pathologist lives here and has a great vegetable garden each year, and “Howdy Doody” once lived on the street (Buffalo Bob Smith), and past buyers were delighted to have found a Howdy Doody mural on the basement studio wall where he used to film his show in the early days ….I wonder if it is still there.. Paine Lake

There is the couple -I am always amazed at this, who walk their tiny dog each morning, with a coffee cup balanced in one hand, the poopy bags in the other, and of course holding that leash.. How can you walk, talk, drink and scoop the poop all at the same time? I see them as being very devoted, and it is lovely… but still amazed at the coffee cup thing..

On a neighboring street, someone has a tennis court ( quite a few in the area, and swimming pools (one an indoor pool) also), but this particular tennis court is nearly completely surrounded by bushes. I say nearly as I noticed the other day the home-owner playing tennis in what appeared to be either the skimpiest of shorts or underwear ! Ha! Perhaps he was trying to put his player at a disadvantage and throw off his/her game! We have equestrians living on the street, hockey dads, baseball dads, philanthropists, an Olympian, animal lovers galore, and we even had a cat lady living on the street many years ago.

I can recall that I had wanted to organize a street garage sale at one point… and of course I received the dutiful phone call from a neighbor who wanted to make sure I got the permit, and then started to ask how many years I had lived there, what did I do, what did my husband do, how many children, where did I come from, and you get the picture.. That person, may she rest in peace is no longer with us.. I also have the neighbor who asked I inform another neighbor that their children are too loud (since I am in real estate and all that and those property prices…you know…) I politely declined and mentioned I love happy noise and in truth, don’t ever hear them! We have horticulturists, we have owners who have English gardens, exotic gardens and even a Japanese garden.

Iona College track athletes seem to have an affinity with Paine Avenue perhaps because we have a few gentle hills perfect for running, and there was the annual half-marathon “Paine to pain” that started at the Thomas Paine Cottage in the spring.

There are Tudor homes, colonial homes, Georgian Colonial homes and some splits and ranches when residents of long ago had sold of portion of their larger lots, and the smaller homes were built. We have stunning homes, homes owned by Embassies, and some homes that have been sold by banks, homes in all price ranges as a result of our economy. We also have a private tennis club – the New Rochelle Tennis Club located at 100 Valley Road.

We have a neighborhood Home-owners association. A truly thankless job for our great President, who keeps us informed on what is happening within the community, and will feature guest speakers when appropriate. We have great neighbors. We had entrusted our house keys to one neighbor in the event we were ever locked out of our home. This particular neighbor, who had taken us under her wing when we moved in many years ago, has invited us in for dinners celebrating school graduation, or just to unwind, and has always been the perfect neighbor to have. We returned home after one vacation, to discover that we could not find our keys. We asked our neighbor for the set we had left with her, and she had replied that she had forgotten they were ours, and had thrown them out! Ha!

But our neighbors care. Many years ago, a cousin and his friend came to stay.. They found themselves walking down the street with their knapsacks on their backs, and the police showed up, asking what they were doing in the neighborhood. Someone had called to report the strangers. My (English) cousin was impressed, amazed and dutifully scared! Another cousin (his brother) came to stay also a few years later, and it was at the time President Clinton was seeking a home after his elected office. There was a rumor that he was going to look at a certain home in the area that had a duck pond at the time, guard dogs, a pool, etc. People from the neighborhood were lined up outside the home from 7 am. waiting to catch a glimpse. When they did arrive around 10 am, President Clinton and Hillary alighted from their limousine, and shook the hands of everyone present. Very impressive and a lasting memory. But we look out for each other. We are diverse, and come from all countries, all walks of life. we are America .. and perhaps that is why

New Rochelle is GREAT!

Paine Heights, New Rochelle

This whole area (Paine Heights, Wykagyl Park, Forest Heights), used to be called the “estate area ” but with the now buyer’s market, I am saddened to state that whereas the cheapest home would have cost $999,000 a few years ago, many homes are selling in the $6’s, $7’s and upwards depending upon their condition, etc. Known for the wide tree-lined boulevards and early 20th century homes featuring Mediterraneans, Colonials and Tudors, Paine Avenue was named after Thomas Paine who was awarded 320 acres by New York State for his service to the country. Only 2 acres are remaining from that original parcel, and his original small modest home which burnt down in 1793 was rebuilt and is now called the Thomas Paine Museum & Cottage, housing artifacts from the 19th century.

Other exhibits in the cottage reflect the Huguenot settlement of New Rochelle such as the original 1689 deed to purchase 6,100 acres that became the city of New Rochelle.

Thomas Paine

The Paine Cottage and Museum are across the road from Paine Lake, a favorite haunt for ducks and geese.

Home prices range anywhere between the now high $5’s to over 2 Million Dollars.

New Rochelle is GREAT!

2017 Annual Colonial Fair at the Paine Cottage

The Annual Huguenot and New Rochelle Historical Association has scheduled its annual fair!  It will soon be time for some history, fun (always fun), crafts  and an inkling on how the Colonials used to cook (and what they cooked ), crafts, candle dipping,  singing and dancing,  how they made horse shoes,  Washington’s 2nd NY Regiment Soldiers and all dressed  in Colonial costume . The children love it (there will be Henna painting!) , YOU will love it..  So, mark your calendar Saturday April 22nd (rain date April 23rd)  10-6 p.m. at the Thomas Paine Cottage and Museum!   Did you know you could rent out the beautiful property  for a wedding!

Do you wish to learn about the history of our area and attend great events?  Then JOIN the New Rochelle Historical Association..   “All members are encouraged to participate in the Association’s activities, including helping out and having fun at the special historical events held regularly throughout the year at the Thomas Paine Cottage Museum.

membership drive 2017 A  The form!

The Thomas Paine Museum & Cottage Colonial Fair

Paine Heights’ Colonial Fair 2015


New Rochelle is GREAT!


Paws Place New Rochelle

I have written about Paws Place before. It is a  wonderful dog park located in New Rochelle’s Ward Acres. For just $50 a year, you can obtain a park pass, and entree to  a wonderful social event (for your pooch!)…

However, there is also a great plus. You can also share doggie stories, learn how to best to adapt to make sure your dog is the King/Queen of the home (of course),  and it is always a fun time.. There is also a smaller park area for the smaller pooches..

I popped over to the park yesterday. I HAD to!  I have been so busy in all matters real estate, and while I walk my dog 3 times a day, I also want him to have fun with other dogs. It had weighing on my mind and conscience the entire week, that I had not been to the park, and after an open house, off I went. He had fun. He always does, but I also heard a lovely little dog story that I must share.

A  lady was recalling a story. She said that years ago, people would let their dogs roam free (and that was how the dogs would attach the mailmen!) . One such dog who belonged to a store owner would accompany the local postal worker and follow him on his mail delivery area. The dog would walk along with him, and then the mail carrier, after finishing his delivery route,  would then place the dog in his car, and drive him back to the store. SO, one day, the mail carrier was going on vacation, and he told his vacation replacement to expect and look out for the special pooch who would be accompanying him , and told him to let him go with him, and then return him to the store after he finished his deliveries. The mailman returned from vacation, and the part time worker exclaimed  “that dog is unbelievable! He showed me all of the short cuts and made my deliveries that much quicker!”

It was such a lovely story, and I had to share…  but going to the dog park is sharing too.. we all care, and that is New Rochelle!

New Rochelle is great!


2016 Top New Rochelle High School 25 Students College Choices

I was privileged to stop by the Awards Ceremony the other week at New Rochelle High School. I am always so impressed by the dedication of our teachers, and the accomplishments of our students.

1)  Macaulay Honors College at Baruch City College – Valedictorian –  Actuarial Science – 

2)  Yale –  Salutatorian –  History or Political Science or Philosophy – 

3)  Georgetown University – Government – 

4) City University of New York –  in the Sophie Davis Biomedical Education  Program

5)  Yale –  Global Affairs – Human Rights Lawyer – 

6) Washington University in St. Louis Engineering.

Bio-Medical Engineering/ Bio Informatics

7) Harvard  Mechanical Engineering

8) University of Texas at Austin

9)  Georgia Tech Chemical Engineering –

10)  M.I.T. Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

11)  Columbia University Bio Medical Engineering  

12)  University of Michigan Economics and Finance 

13) University of New Hampshire

14) Lehigh University

15) Engineering– Cornell University

16)  Brown University

17) University of Michigan – Honors Program Studying Law or Policy Law  or Government

18) University of Michigan Neuro Science & Psychology Honors Program

19) Northwestern University

20) University of Chapel Hill at North Carolina

21) International Relations at Haverford College

22) Boston College

23) Binghamton University

24) Villanova University

25) Northeastern University – Full Scholarship –

25)  Brooklyn College Pre-Med – Macaulay Honors Program –


2015 Top 25 Students High School Choices!

New Rochelle High SchoolHaving been a New Rochelle resident for over 36 years, I have long known what great schools we have. I thought it would be fun to post the college choices for our 2015 Graduating Students. Congratulations to all!

Below are the names of highly colleges and universities where students in the graduating class of 2015 matriculated this fall (Many of these colleges are represented by students outside.

Barnard College

Binghamton University

Case Western Reserve University

Claremont McKenna College

Cornell University (College of Engineering)

Cornell University (College of Arts & Sciences)

Cornell University (College of Ag. & Life Sciences)

Emory University

Hamilton College

Macaulay Honors College: Baruch College

Macaulay Honors College: Queens College

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Stony Brook University

SUNY College at Geneseo

University of California, San Diego

University of Miami

University of Pennsylvania

Villanova University

Washington University in St. Louis

Northwestern University

Yale University

Alfred University

American University

Boston College

Carnegie Mellon University

College of William and Mary

Columbia University

Dartmouth College

Fordham University

Lehigh University

New York University

Northeastern University

Pomona College

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Syracuse University

The Ohio State University

University of California, Davis

University of Michigan

University of Notre Dame

University of Rochester

University of Southern California

Vanderbilt University

Vassar College

New Rochelle is GREAT!

Relocating to New Rochelle

New Rochelle High School Located so close to New York City, and just 30 minutes away by train, New Rochelle or “the Queen City of the Sound” was a safe haven for the French Huguenots (French Protestants) fleeing persecution in France in the 1600’s, who arrived here in 1688 through to around 1760, and the names of many local residents still bear the names of those original settlers. Many of whom were artisans and craftsmen, and our street names are representative of those original settlers, Fanueil, Slocum, Sicard, and Flandreau to name a few.

While a city of over 77,000, I would like to feel that there is still a ‘small town’ ‘neighborly’ accent with many cultural and neighborhood organizations melding together to make our city even greater. We have a dog park for Fido, and the New Rochelle Humane Society actually serves 19 communities, is a no-kill shelter, and with no federal funding, fund raising and donations represents 50% of its much needed funds. In 2013, the New Ro Runners held its first North Avenue Mile. The motto on the back of their shirts read “Changing the shape of the community one mile at a time.”

French was spoken in the original New Rochelle, and many area residents would send their children to the schools in New Rochelle to learn the French language . The same could be said today! There is a dual language program at our Jefferson Elementary (a magnet school) where students can learn either Italian or Spanish. Mandarin Chinese is also being taught in the Davis, Ward, Jefferson & Webster Elementary Schools. The New Rochelle High School with over 3300 students is not only the largest high school in Westchester but it is the only high school that features a planetarium.

New Rochelle was an artist’s colony in the 1920’s. Norman Rockwell moved to New Rochelle in 1913, and resided in a few homes in New Rochelle including a beautiful home on Lord Kitchener Road which featured amongst other features, a great balcony overlooking a drawing/reception room. There were so many famous artists and artisans living in New Rochelle, that their artistry was represented on 10 Historic Signs in New Rochelle, and designed by Norman Rockwell, Frederic Dana Marsh, Robert Robertson, Cole Phillips, Remington Schuyler, Edward Penfield, Lawrence M. Loeb, Clare Briggs, James Marsh and Robert Robertson. While created in the 1920’s as a New Rochelle Art Association project, the signs were restored just a few years ago. New Rochelle with its cartoonists, actors, musicians, illustrators and artists was known in the 20’s as “Greenwich Village without the Greenwich.” New Rochelle offers a thriving artist’s community still with many art galleries gracing our downtown. Did you know that Alan Menken grew up in new Rochelle as did so many other famous people.

New Rochelle is diverse, and proud of it. There are 5 Elementary schools, 2 Middle schools, and one High School, over forty Houses of Worship, the Iona College by Gay RosenMontefiore Health System ( formerly the Sound Shore Medical Center with over 460 beds and approximately 600 physicians, 3 colleges (Iona College, The College of New Rochelle and Monroe College ).

“The Queen City of the Sound” is the epitome of the Sound. There are 5 Beach Clubs (Beckwith Pointe, The VIP Club, The Surf Club, The Davenport Cub, The Greentree Club) , where you can enjoy swimming, tennis, basketball, paddleball and always a favorite for parties, weddings and special gatherings with their dramatic and spectacular water views.

DAVIDS iSLANDDid you know that Davids Island was the site used to train Union soldiers in the Civil war, and then used to house wounded soldiers, first Union soldiers and then Confederate soldiers? However, the island was also inhabited by Native American hunter gatherers over 4000 years ago.

Sports. New Rochelle is proud to hold many records in sports. Most recently, the New Rochelle High School Varsity Football Team and 2012 State Champions, the Remington Fliers who under the mentorship and guidance of Walter Brown produce winning results each year. The city offers hockey, soccer, baseball, softball, Lacrosse, tennis, rowing, and so much more.

Baseball Youth Baseball of New Rochelle

Rising Star Baseball Camp http://www.nrytl.com/ – Youth Tackle League of New Rochelle New Rochelle Lightning Hockey Club Remington Fliers Running Club New Rochelle Tennis Club New Rochelle Racquet Club New Rochelle Tennis Cards

photo1 Coach Gurney


Parks. We have so many! We also have a Community Garden that is available as well as Paw’s Place for Fido..P1190141


  1. New Rochelle has great restaurants also. Our downtown offers so many different ethnic restaurants… a treat for all


Government: City of New Rochelle – Our Community

Parks & Recreation Dog Licenses Application Form Permits & Licenses

Tax GrievancesJune 1st each year to the third Tuesday..

STAR Program May 1st of each year.

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NEW Rochelle is GREAT!

2016 Paine to Pain Half Marathon!

dsc06561Simply a gorgeous morning in the prestigious area of Paine Heights where the annual Paine to Pain Half Marathon took place this morning.  The New Ro Runners Race Club always outdo themselves in this wonderful event.

Here is the history of the race.  I arrived later.. and so was only able to catch the start of the third wave and the 4th wave. My loss!

New Rochelle-  a great city in which to live!

New Rochelle is GREAT!

2016 Colonial Fair at the Thomas Paine Museum!

Colonial Day!April 16th was THE day! The New Rochelle Historical Society worked hard to produce the Thomas Paine Museum and Cottage Colonial Fair, and the hard work truly paid off! There were soldiers teaching the youngsters how to march (” Turn right, your other right!…”) , how to cook, how the blacksmiths worked so hard over the bellows and hot coals, how to play with the hobby horses, how to make candles…. a great learning experience for all who attended. Of course, there were some yummy foods to buy also such as hot dogs and hamburgers!

New Rochelle is GREAT!